Transcription services incorporates framing an archive of video or audio recording of important business interactions, conferences events etc. The recordings are then transcribed by a professional transcriptionist. Our transcription experts transform your audio or video recordings of any format into credible data documents, enabling you to quickly grasp the important conversations in a conference, business meeting or an interaction.


We also enable streamlining of processes and leveraging the expertise of project managers to save significant time of our clients to help them focus on their other important business processes.

Transcription services are availed by a host of industry verticals like Healthcare, Automobile, Legal, Engineering etc. and we at Cuttingedge Translation Services guarantee the delivery of all recordings in your desired format in an exceptionally low turn around time.


A large number of businesses are now outsourcing their transcription related requirements to renowned transcription service providers rather than employing an in-house team for the job.

Availing the service of a credible transcription service providers come as a more cost-effective option as you only have to send the recorded audio files to the provider. It is also worth mentioning that though of paramount importance, converting audio files into text format is a time-consuming process, especially when performing it in-house.

Cuttingedge Translation Services employs who are highly qualified and skilled transcriptionists across the globe are accustomed to transcribe a host of pronunciations and accents as well as can operate on numerous input file formats like mp3, wave and can deliver the output files in the desired formats of the customer like word, TXT files or MP4.


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