Localization is the transformation of a product or service to synchronize with the requirements of a particular culture, language or desired population’s tastes.
Our strategic, precise and impactful localization services will help you convey your message effectively in the targeted market thus increasing your revenue as well as brand value. Be it an advertising campaign, launch of a product or service or revamping your brand in a foreign land, Cuttingedge Translation Services will serve as a one stop shop for all your localization requirements.

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Cuttingedge Translation Services offers following services in world-wide:

  • Games localization
  • Web portal localization
  • Application localization
  • Software localization

Make your offerings more pleasant to the targeted market

  • Localization at present doesn't just involve a word by word translation but also about making a product or service sound more relevant to the targeted consumers


Engage your customers in their native language
  • Have a business website showcasing cultural sensitivity
  • Build reliability with your customer
  • Get more searches of your website in different search engines
  • Cost effective solution for doing business worldwide
  • Expand your business reach globally
Localization Worldwide

More then 78% users spend most of the time on websites in their native language.

More then 84% users say that by localizing they're able to capture large market audience.

Traffic Handling

TMADEE provides not just a high reliability (99.9995% SLA), but also infinite scalability. Since Google serves billions of requests every day, if you have a huge traffic of millions of visitors, TMADEE can easily handle them.

Security Assurance

TMADEE runs on Google's App-Engine platform, meaning it takes full advantage of Google's world-class security certifications. And it is fully PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) compliant.

Server security does not strictly apply to us

Due to the nature of App Engine, attackers cannot gain access to the underlying virtual machine, and TMADEE accepts no serialized input that could compromise internal processes.

Domain security

TMADEE's Dashboard use HTTPS with strong encryption, as mandated by Google. During proxy, however, protocols are not upgraded or downgraded, thus the security of the original site is not altered in any way -as we only change the text content, we can guarantee that the site will not be any less secure after proxy.

Localize your web portal, application & software in 4 simple steps:

It also help prevent any embargoes in a foreign land as many countries require a product or service to be localized before being launched in their market. This significantly shrinks your chances of engaging in any government or legal scuffle.

A large number of corporations invest heavily in localization processes as it offers huge benefits and those who undermine its importance are far outshined by their competitors. Our strategic and comprehensive localization services don't just come as an enabler for your business process in foreign markets but also as an enhancer to allow you to carve a niche in the global market.


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