Quality Assurance

Cuttingedge offers quality translation provided by dexterous and vetted translators. Our QA Team follows strict quality guidelines to ensure all our services meet Global standard and fit the requirement of our client. To assure the best quality we are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and adhere to TQM ideologies. Our selection procedure includes strictly evaluating the performance of resources before appointing on a project. All our translators are well aware of the latest terminology in their chosen fields of experience. They keep themselves updated with the latest terminology used in technical, financial, medical along with many other domains. We emphasize usage of Terminology lists and Glossaries on every project. Most of our translators are native speakers of the language they translate in and are proven subject matter experts. We ensure to give pertinent and impeccable data. We guarantee our clients on-time delivery & clarity of communication.

Technology innovation in translation services

Translation Memory stores previously used source & target language text into database, which helps translator and reviewers in translating the project documents.

Entire TM process cycle completes in 4 steps:

  1. 1. Term consolidation
  2. 2. Translation of document
  1. 3. Saving in TM application
  2. 4. Ready for Re-use


  • Cost Effective
  • Best Quality
  • Quick Delivery in Short Time

TM Process

We provide translation services solution via translation tools and machine translation

We have world's fastest machine translation API which allow to integrate with XTM-Cloud & SDL-TRADOS and help to deliver the final translation in shortest possible time.

TQM Inspired Process

TQM is known as the key to a revolution in management areas. TQM-inspired process helps to identify and fix the process incompetence. To meet the customer requirement is TQM’s primary goal. Internal processes and performance improvements provide customer satisfaction, while these methods help to obtain the levels of achievement in terms of business processes. Flowcharts provide well-defined understanding of a new project.



Checklists are used to determine the quality of the document and help the reviewers to attain high-quality relative to format, consistency, completeness, accuracy, quality, influence and engagement. Checklists help to mark and rectify complications, before it can provoke a wreckage situation at your end in terms of deliverability, trustworthiness and bottom line.

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