Cuttingedge Translation Services to Bolster Businesses Reach With End-to-end Language Translation and Localization Services

admin | May 29, 2018

Cuttingedge Translation Services Pvt. Ltd. (Cuttingedge), an emerging market leader in language translation space has unveiled a suite of 360 degree services ranging from translation of highly confidential documents to voice-over, subtitling and multi-lingual e-learning.

The company leverages its highly qualified and ethnically diverse workforce, devoted to offer an unmatched customer experience to its clientele, ranging from corporate giants, NGOs, government departments, etc. across the globe.

The array of services unveiled includes:

Translation and Localization: The service includes document translation, certified translation, patent translation, software localization, localization testing, dedicated translation services, etc.

Transcription, Interpretation and Live Language Translation Support at Events: The company under this service offers real time multilingual communication in over 100 languages around the globe via its strong network of 5,000 interpreters along with audio and video transcription and resource mobilization for VIPs and Conferences. Live language translation support at events also comes as a signature service of the company

Voice-over and Subtitling: Cuttingedge offers voice-over services in different countries with different languages. The company also prepares text versions of the audio visual contents via the process of translation and transcription for corporate videos.

Human Resource Recruitment: The company enables corporates to screen, test and recruit the right candidate keeping in mind their global stature.

Multilingual e-Learning: The company hosts a professional team which understand the 360 degree requirement of e-learning companies. The company also translates web-based training, computer-based training and simulation-based CBT/WBT development material.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Cuttingedge performs formatting for brochure, catalogue or manual. Multilingual Desktop Publishing design gives consistency in terms of language, formatting and aesthetic factors.

Framing Strategic Content: Since a compelling content goes a long way in creating an impact, the company’s team of highly proficient content creators work round the clock to deliver strategic contents to businesses with a host of varied requirements. Be it for marketing purpose or in-house utilization, their write ups will leave the audience spellbound.

Commenting on the growing importance of localization to capture new markets in the country, Mr. Devanshu Kalra, Managing Director, Cuttingedge Translation Services Pvt. Ltd. said, “In an ethnically diverse world, it becomes increasingly vital for businesses to communicate with the potential customers in their native language to inflate their market share. The communication norm in India itself changes with every state, making it a daunting task for new businesses to communicate their product strategies to consumers.”

“We at Cuttingedge Translation Services are committed to help emerging businesses overcome this barrier by delivering a host of localization and language translation services with unparalleled proficiency,” added Mr. Kalra.

About Cuttingedge Translation Services Pvt. Ltd.

Handling 150+ languages, Cuttingedge caters to global clients from EuropeMiddle EastAsiaAfrica and India. Established in 2008, the company has acquired prestigious clients such as The Wall Street Journal, AON, Ernest & Young, Truecaller, LG and Flipkart along with numerous global governments. It surges on with a vision to lead the language industry and cater to every small and large company worldwide.

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