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Language Translation is Key to Achieving the Golden Age of Sustainability

First, what are we talking about when we say “Achieving a golden age of sustainability?” According to Collins, “A golden age is a period of time during which a very high level of achievement is reached in a particular field of activity, especially in art or literature.” So how does language translation fit into this? […]

Translation into Local Languages Aids Governance Optimization

Amid our current global crisis of COVID-19, it’s imperative that global leaders quickly reach every region around the globe. Addressing this current health crisis and those in the future requires “blending integrated knowledge translation with global health governance: an approach for advancing action on a wicked problem.” The question is, how can this integration be […]

Multimedia Translation Services Can Help Take Your Business Global

Translation plays a key role in the media, publishing, and entertainment industries. In fact, if your company isn’t taking advantage of translation, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for global exposure. Even though English content dominates the world, in order to adapt to a more diversified, global audience, it is imperative to take advantage […]

Language Translation Helps Empower Women with Educational Tools

As we recognize International Women’s Day, it is important to recognize how the roles and rights of women have changed over the last decade. Unfortunately, there are places around the world where women still don’t have a chance at independence, much less have the necessary tools for education. Language translation is one of these tools and […]

Medical Translation and the Need for Medical Translation Services

As we live now in an ever-connected world, the chance you will interact with someone speaking a foreign language is almost a guarantee. The importance of accuracy in translation is paramount, particularly in the medical world. That’s why medical translation services are necessary. Here are a few reasons you need to guarantee perfect accuracy in […]

Legal Translation Should be Done by Senior Lawyers

Every business sector is serving multiple language groups, and the need for translation services is growing exponentially. In fact, the global language services industry is expected to reach $56 billion by next year, and North America is the second-largest market, behind Europe. This growing trend has given rise to machine translation and other automated processes. […]

Education Translation and The Use of “Local Translation”

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has set “Sustainable Development Goals” as “a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.” As the UNDP explains, just one of these goals will impact another one. Goal 4 is delivering quality education around the […]

Sanskrit Is an Advanced Language You Should Learn About

Sanskrit has roots in India and is one of the most ancient languages in the world. It goes back 3,500 years. In fact, the world’s earliest literature is written in this special language. It is the primary language of Hinduism and the predominant language of most Hindu philosophy and many texts of Buddhism and Jainism. […]

Working in Canada: Why You Should

If you are thinking of starting a new venture or migrating your business to another location, you would be hard-pressed to find a better location than Canada. Working in Canada has an abundance of benefits- here are 7 specific ones: 7.) You can keep more of your money if you are working in Canada. Canadians […]

Communication and Why it Makes America Successful

World Leadership and Communication The United States of America has long been the largest economy on the planet. America has risen to this level based upon innovation, drive, communication, and an unwavering willingness to work harder than our competition. In the world today, it is more important than ever that we celebrate and respect those […]

Linguistics as a Profession: More Relevant than Ever

The average business works with clients and corporations all over the world, and that isn’t changing in the near future. Whether your work is done in a commonly spoken language or not, you’ll eventually run into a language barrier. And although machine translation like Google Translate is convenient for road signs and Facebook posts, it’s […]

Multilingual SEO in 2020: Strategies that Help Your Business

Translating and appealing to a broader cultural and linguistic audience is top-of-mind for growth-hungry brands. With billions of non-English-speaking people on the planet and thousands of English variations, finding ways to digitally position your incredible products and services to all of these individuals is a crucial component of long-term growth in your market. This introduces […]

Republic Day of India

26th January, 1950 was the day when the Indian republic and its constitution came into force. It was this day in history in 1965 when Hindi was declared as the official language of India. As of today, the Indian constitution recognizes 22 major languages of India in what is known as “the 8 th Schedule” […]

Translating in Multiple Languages Promotes Peace

How we translate words and phrases into another language, the normative assumptions that a particular culture makes about how to talk about peace, and a good faith agreement about the importance of diverse perspectives all play a role in promoting peace globally.  At a local and individual level, when we value language by making the effort […]

UK Language Translation: Why It is Important Today

Most people are aware that English is the most widely used language in the UK. However, it is not common knowledge that the UK actually has other indigenous languages. Yes, the British Isles actually possesses a vast array of untapped linguistic resources that have been allowed to languish and almost go extinct. That is why […]

Hiring a Translation Company: 7 Key Questions to Ask

Hiring a translation company is a crucial part of many multi-lingual projects. It’s imperative that you partner with a translation firm that can accurately convey key concepts, deliver work within set time frames, and adapt to unexpected changes within the project. Here are 7 important questions that you should ask a prospective translation partner during […]

The Difference Between Localization and Digital Transformation 

  Whether you own a large company or do independent content creation, there is a good chance that you have thought about digital transformation. In the twenty-first century, transforming your business strategy through digital transformation is necessary to stay both relevant and a step ahead of your competitors. And what does localization have to do […]

Transcreation and Why It is Important

In today’s global marketplace, accurate and effective translation is a critical component of effective advertising campaigns. In fact, in many situations more is required than translation alone for best results. Transcreation can lead to highly impactful and appealing marketing initiatives that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. What is Transcreation? In the marketing world, transcreation can […]

Indian Languages and How to Find Business Success in India  

India is a land of opportunity in the world of business. If you’re looking to expand your company, tapping into the business opportunities in India is a great move to make. To capitalize on these opportunities, translating your business content into Hindi is vital. Depending on what region you are looking to work within India, […]

Why You Should Translate Your Business Content into French and Spanish

If your company is trying to break into the North American business scene, you’re going to want to translate your business content not only to the English language but to Spanish and French as well. The Spanish and French languages play a vital role in connecting cultures and businesses. Any business, CEO, chairman, or entrepreneur […]

Translation, A Hidden Gem for Business

Translating your marketing copies and website is a lot of extra work, it will cost a small fortune, and you have to make difficult accommodations. Would I still recommend doing it? Yes! Translating your business text is one of those investments that can’t go wrong. Below I explore the reasons why translation is a hidden […]

Unbelievable Benefits of Transcription Services

There are many reasons behind looking for a transcription services. From transcribing lengthy interviews and presentations, speeches from Audio to text, this is one of the primary needs of an organizations. It is essential to have a reliable transcription service that empowers you with accurate and specific video and audio transcriptions for your everyday business […]

How Does Language Staffing Help Organizations?

With the rise of diverse and global markets, there is a high requirement for language experts in every business organizations. From big MNCs to new startups, language staffing is a necessity for diversifying businesses. From bringing more business to cutting down management costs, language staffing helps in having a temporary and custom team as per […]

The Need of Interpretation Services in the World of Communication

In the era of communication, where evolution has created numerous languages based on geographical locations, it often becomes hard for people to communicate when they visit another place with a different native language. Having an interpreter or a translator is a relief as it makes the work easier. These problems led to the rise of an […]

Importance of Content Writing

Gone are the days of the early 2000s when the competition was less and any content could easily rank up on search engines. Today, there are thousands to millions of websites giving you competition in your specific genre, making it difficult to create a market for yourself on the search engines. Internet is on the […]

Regular Need of Social Media Marketers

Today, most of us voice our emotions through social media. But, how the pieces in one language circulate in another and how interesting stories appear in subtitles of videos? This all is because of social media transcription. Although most businesses need transcript for execution of their day-to-day businesses, social media transcript offers them a wider […]

Did You Know the Most Expensive Language Translations of the World

Most of us come across some types of translation in our day-to-day lives. You might have seen some languages are more difficult while others are easy to translate. For example –English is much lucid and easier than German. Hence, translations in certain languages are also expensive due to their difficulty level.  There are languages that […]

Interesting Points of Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Language Service Industry is really vast. But, there are many complications in linguistic services. There are technical complications too. So, to successfully transfer the content of files from one language to others, Desktop Publishing is required. Now, you might be thinking what is the relationship between Multilingual Desktop Publishing and translation? DTP is simply the […]

Basics of Law and Legal Translation

Here are the Basics of Legal Translation? Do you know Morocco and Saudi Arabia both are Islamic countries? Though they follow the Islamic codes, they both vary largely in terms of legal status. So, there is the prevalence of different content and terms within the legal system which a translator service must know. Legal Translation […]

Reasons To Choose A Professional Voice Over For Explainer Videos

A good Voice-over can add a fresh liveness to your videos. Voice over can also be called something like off-stage commentary or off-camera commentary. A good voice-over artist should be hired for your Explainer video to add that professional input into it. All of these needs can be met by going to a good Voice […]

Role Of Language Staffing Services In An Organization

Staffing is an important part for the growth of any type of organization in any field. As per the statistics held, we have come to the conclusion that companies who go for good Language Staffing Services tend to have increased productivity and lower transcation cost. So it starts of by the minimizing of cost and […]

Importance Of Subtitling Services

The film industry is one such industry which is never going to die and it’s growing at a tremendous speed. We can see new and new film studios getting established in different parts of the world. The main reason for the growth of the film industry is digitalization which is leading to more and more […]

Interpretation Services You Should Immediately Get For Your Business Projects

Interpretation Services You Should Immediately Get For Your Business/Projects! We have seen people getting confused between translation and interpretation. There is a significant difference between the two terms: Translation basically means conversion of words and sentences from one language to another. Whereas interpretation is related to explain something (language). There are different types of interpretation […]

Common Strategies to Use for Application Localization

No business can flourish until it reaches the global audience and with the rapid increase of application optimization, taking your business to the next level seems like a cup of tea. However, being globally visible does not necessarily mean that your application is appropriately ready for all segments of the audience from across the globe. […]

Strategies for Software Localization

Popular Practices and Strategies Involved with Software Localization To reach out to larger audience, a proper interface to overcome ethnic barriers is essential and in this context, Software Localization becomes a vital tool. In this process the software product is made adaptable for the socio-cultural, technical and linguistic aspects of the target audience. Although the […]

Why Translation Services Are Need of The Hour?

With international boundaries blurring and the spread of globalization, companies lose a significant chunk of business if they do not reach beyond the local coordinates. Now is the right time for businesses to capture the technological advancements which can help them to have a global footprint. For this, Cuttingedge Translations offers impeccable Language Translation Services […]

Cuttingedge Through The Borders

As globalization and industrial growth are at their peak, it is imperative for brands to take advantage of a growing clientele across the globe. For this, it is essential for the brand’s message, offerings and deliverables to be understood by the target audience. For targeting more clients, companies are now investing in document translation services, […]

How to Curate the Right Type of Content for Way Localization

IMPORTANCE OF LOCALIZATION It is imperative for a brand to blend in their content in several regional languages to enjoy a better global footprint. For this, the content has to be translated accurately and precisely. Writing technical and marketing content in a way that it can be localized helps in retaining the essence of the […]

Reasons For Going Global With The Power of Language

Just English Content for your business? Think about it twice. Your business in its inception phase may suffice with English content but as it grows beyond the borders, it is very important to go for localization services. In the league of being ahead, it is essential for a business to become a brand. Top 5 […]

How students across the globe can benefit from E-Learning transcription

As digitisation flaps its wings across the globe, the concept of E-Learning is gaining rapid traction, particularly in offering the benefits of education in far flung areas of the globe.

All about Insurance Document Translation

The strict commercial challenges witnessed by insurance firms in the present era include bolstering customer relationships coupled with developing of products which are most relevant to the requirements

Take your business to dizzy heights with Market Research translation

Be it exploring business opportunities in new markets across the globe or transforming a marketing campaign of one country compatible for another, global expansion always comes with challenges of tailoring

The paramount importance of translation in medical industry

Research associated with Medicine and Pharmaceutical industry across the globe is always met with the obstacle of language barriers, creating a need for a seamless translation service in the industry for experts

Translation in Tourism: An inseperable connection

Since language and communication comes as an integral part of the tourism industry, every professional tour operator across the globe needs translators for an effective communication with international tourists and travellers.