Interpretation (Interpreter services) is the process of facilitating spoken or sign language communication between individuals speaking different languages and we at Cuttingedge Translation Services (Cuttingedge) have a proven history of bridging the communication gap between individuals, businesses as well as governments. We offer reliable and professional interpreters with a stringent background verification in multiple languages. We work round the clock to meet the requirements of our esteemed clients. We have Interpreters ready in most major cities worldwide and can be appointed at other locations at short notice. Our Interpreters hold professional degrees and have decades of interpretation experience. We provide turnkey solutions for conferences and business meetings with our project management, hardware equipments and interpreters to execute the project in a seamless manner.

We offer interpreters for Business Meeting, Conference, Phone call Interpretation, Machine installation and Medical related Interpretations etc.

Bridge the communication gap (Resource Mobilization for VIPs & Conferences)

  • Consecutive Interpretation and Interpreter
  • Simultaneous Interpretation and Interpreter.
  • Telephonic Interpretation and Interpreter.

Interpretation Process

Project Manager keeps a track of requirement and provide timely resolution

Cuttingedge Translation Services offers highly skilled and experienced interpreters who are well versed with the local terminologies of languages like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin, Armenian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Vietnamese, Hindi & English etc.

Types of Interpretation services:
Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting involves a speaker pausing to enable an interpreter to explain what has been conveyed in the target language before the conversation continues. Consecutive interpreting is very popular as it does not demand any cutting edge equipment or comprehensive planning

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation comes as interpreting in real time which doesn't involve the original speaker. Simultaneous interpreters operate from a sound-proof zone and interpret in real-time

Telephonic Interpretation

Telephone interpreting involves connecting human interpreters via telephone to people who aim to communicate with each other speaking different languages. The telephone interpreter translates the spoken language in a to and fro format, enabling a seamless conversation.


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