Cuttingedge Translation Services to Carve Out A Linguistic Niche In Your Young Ones With MAMIS

admin | Aug 9, 2018

~The device specifically tailored for toddlers and differently abled is set to revolutionize the primary learning segment, harnessing cutting edge technology~.

New Delhi, August 09, 2018: Cuttingedge Translation Services, an emerging market leader in language translation has achieved yet another milestone with the unveiling of MAMIS (METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MULTILINGUAL INTERACTIVE SELF-LEARNING).

The array of services unveiled includes:

MAMIS come as an upcoming interactive device for young minds(1-4 years of age) which is integrated with Near Field Communication(NFC) technology and will help your toddlers grasp the strategic benefits of multilingual proficiency.

The device will come packed with a host of RFID tags with images of animals, vehicles, monuments etc. encrusted on them. MAMIS when brought in contact with these RFID tags will display the image of the inscribed object on a small built in LED screen and will also precisely pronounce the name of object in varied languages.

There will also be additional RFID tags available in the market to help your young ones learn multiple languages in detail from a tender age.
Cuttingedge Translation Services garnered the inspiration to develop the device, from a universal fact that an individual who has been imparted education in a single language often reels under the burden to learn a new language later on in life.
In such a scenario furnishing your children with multilingual information during the nascent stages of their student life via an interactive and fun oriented process will carve out a niche in them.
The company has also patented and copyrighted the idea for full rights to roll out a mobile application of the concept and embed the device’s technology to transform any smartphone into MAMIS.

”This invention is inspired by worldwide lack of teachers with multilingual capability and lack of quality learning systems based on multilingual approach. A significant lack of tools and technology for imparting multilingual education to individuals suffering from visual and hearing impairment users is also something which inspired me to develop MAMIS,” says Mr. Devanshu Kalra, Managing Director, Cuttingedge Translation Services and inventor of MAMIS.

”We are in the stage of developing a functional prototype of the device and invite investors from across the globe to partner us in aiding this promising and noble initiative,”adds Mr Kalra.

MAMIS will be available in three variants- Standard model which will sport an LED; Silver model which will be integrated with a colour LED display and Gold version which will also be armed with a projector along with an LED screen.

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