Interesting Points of Multilingual Desktop Publishing

admin | Dec 3, 2018

Language Service Industry is really vast. But, there are many complications in linguistic services. There are technical complications too. So, to successfully transfer the content of files from one language to others, Desktop Publishing is required. Now, you might be thinking what is the relationship between Multilingual Desktop Publishing and translation? DTP is simply the creation of documents using page layout skills on a computer.  But, this simple task includes vast dimensions like fonts, design, text and much more.

What Is Multilingual Desktop Publishing?

Do you remember any brochure, beautifully designed and engrossed with beautifully printed texts? That is a creation of DTP. It does the following things:

  • Font management
  • Page layout and formatting
  • Graphics editing and creation with screenshots
  • Generating output of translated material in different languages and formats
  • Better presentation of your business

Now, what happens when you need to translate it into various languages? Do you want to keep the layout and branding of your materials consistent? Here are a few considerations that will help you in precise multilingual desktop publishing:

Text Expansion and Contraction

Text expansion and contraction requires a lot of things. You might have seen some mistakes in prints which are due to cutting-off of the words at some points of the sentence.  Different languages require different amounts of space. So, don’t consider every language like English as, it is a fairly concise language. But, many European languages such as Italian, Spanish, especially German; or Asian and African Languages can expand during translation by around 30%. Surprised!

Hence, the layout of the translated document must be checked. Text boxes should be readjusted and fonts may be resized. Occasionally, a rearrangement for all the content is required to ensure that everything is visible. It is good to keep in mind while creating the source material that enough blank space should be allowed for text expansion.

Remember Right-to-left Languages

Do you see any similarity between English and Arabic? You cannot put your translated brochure in the same format in the Middle East as you do for the US. There are different editions for the different languages of the world. It should be managed by professional desktop publishing specialists. You will also need to consider the overall layout, besides these compatibility issues.

Keep reading our updates for more posts on DTP.  We are bringing more about the close relationship between multilingual DTP and translation!